Biofarm Proteção

Care and affection for life.

A veterinary drug company has the obligation to save lives, taking care of the animals health and their well being. That is why, in partnership with APA (Animal Protection Association) of Jaboticabal, BIOFARM renovated an old house that was unused on the campus of UNESP and transformed it into the “Sterilization of Canines and Felines Center” of APA, where the abandoned animals are castrated, as well as those of low-income owners, who cannot afford to pay for a sterilization in private clinics. In addition, BIOFARM also collaborates with several groups for the protection and rescue of abandoned animals, with the donation of drugs for all who need them and sponsorship of adoption fairs and animal-related events.

Our mission is to work to minimize the suffering of animals, because to grow as a healthy company, we must first take care of life. And BIOFARM does its part!

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